Sylvain Luc Quintet - Jazz sous les Pommiers

Sylvain Luc 5tet; Sylvain Luc, guitar; Keyvan Chemirani, percussion; Bijan Chemirani, percussion; Stéphane Belmondo, trumpet; Lionel Suarez, accordion; Sylvain Luc is without a doubt one of the most brilliant guitarists of the current generation. His insatiable curiosity for the most diverse musical worlds makes his encounter with the Chemirani brothers two astonishing Franco-Iranian percussionists a rare and powerful moment. When he adds Stéphane Belmondo and Lionel Suárez to the trio both of whom are on the look out for dreams and encounters, this atypical grouping of variable geometry becomes a real invitation to travel! Recorded on May 11, 2018 at Jazz sous les Pommiers Festival; Réalisation, Laurent Hasse et Thierry Villeneuve (98 min)