Paris - New York - Paris - CCN Ballet de Lorraine

CCN, Ballet de Lorraine; Petter Jacobson, artistic direciton; Corps de ballet (2014); Choreography by Noé Soulier; Costume by Noé Soulier abd Martine Augsbourger; LIghting by Noé Soulier and Olivier Bauer; Musical conceptin by Noé Soulier and Aurélien Azan-Zielinski; Music by Franz Schubert nd Giuseppe Verdi; Musical arrangement by Jacques Gandard; With 17 dancers; Sounddance (1975); Choreography by Merce Cunningham; Music by David Tudor; Sets, costume and LIghting by Mark Lancaster; Reinterprated by Meg Harper and Thomas Caley; With 10 dancers; Relâche (Release); Ballet instantanéiste (Immédiate Ballet) in 2 acts, a cinematographic interval and ' la queue du chien' (The dog's tail); Conception by Francis Picabia; Music bt Erik Satie; Choreography by Jean Börlin; Film by René Clair; A new take (2014) of the choreography by Petter Jacobsson and Thomas Caley; Historical Researches and dramaturgy by Christophe Wavelet; Scenography by Annie Tolleter; Lighting by Éric Wurtz; Specialist in Picabia, Carole Boulbés; With 14 dancers; Recorded on 2014 at the sixteen Biennale de Danse de Lyon; TV Director, Luc Riolon (73 min)