Extended Hanoi Duo - Like a Jazz Machine

Extended Hanoi Duo; Nguyen Le, electric and accoustic guitar; Ngo Hong Quang, traditional instruments, voice; Mieko Miyazaki, koto; Paolo Fresu, trumpet; Edouard Prabhu, tabals; Alex Tran, percussions; Hao Nhiem Pham, flute; The celebrated French-Vietnamese guitarist Nguyen Le is a masterful, inventive player who has cultivated a wholly unique voice on the instrument, ranking right up there with Bill Frisell, John Scofield, Mike Stern and Allan Holdsworth in the post-Hendrix world of jazz guitar. He has developed a distinctive sound that draws upon rock, funk and jazz as well as traditional Algerian, Indian and Vietnamese styles. His ethereal and colourful music acts like a powerful detonator which every time creates new and unheard soundscapes. On his latest album he teams up with young traditionalist singer Ngo Hong Quang, on lute, Vietnamese fiddle, Jew's harp, to portray 'the soul of Vietnam' and its quickening evolution. There are jaunty folkish tunes, temple bells and ethereal melodies, and a storm of electric guitars. Nguyen's life-long friend, the famous Italian trumpeter Paolo Fresu adds elegant Miles Davis-like peaks to a powerful, fauvism-coloured fusion of ancient and modern. Recorded on May 25th 2017 at Like a Jazz Machine Festival, Dudelange, Luxembourg; TV Director, Samuel Thiebaut (58 min)