Omar Sosa, Quarteto Afrocubano - Jazz á Junas

Omar Sosa, Quarteto Afrocubano; Omar Sosa, piano, Fender Rhodes; Lukmil Perez, drums; Childo Thomas: electric bass; Leandro Saint-hill: percussion, flute, saxophone; Cuban pianist and travelling musician Omar Sosa dazzles with his musical maturity and delicate arrangements, mixing jazz, urban music and Afro-caribbean rhythms. Since the 1990's, with each new album, Omar Sosa has been developing his own identity, mixing influences from Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. Between jazz and world music, Omar Sosa invents a far-ranging form of jazz, magnificent music, constantly in motion, sounding like a universal language. Recorded on 2017, July 21th at the Festival Jazz in Junas; TV Director, Giuseppe de Vechi (53 min)