Jason Moran 'Bandwagon' - Moods

Jason Moran (piano), Tarus Mateen (bass), Nasheet Waits (drums); According to 'Rolling Stone' magazine he is the 'the most provocative thinker of the current jazz scene'. Appropriate words to describe the pianist that samples Thelonious Monk, Jimi Hendrix and Turkish telephone calls and works closely with the Performance-Art-Icon Joan Jonas and with Ghostface Killah from Wu-Tang Clan. And so it goes further: 'Jazz Artist of the Year', 'Jazz Album of the Year', 'Pianist of the Year'. In 2011 the New York-based Jason Moran was simultaneously voted to the top of three year's best lists by the renowned 'Downbeat Magazine'. Recognition thus far for the career for the man from Houston, Texas, that - before reaching his thirtieth birthday - has gone straight to the heights of jazz culture. Moran knows the history of jazz piano; his music builds intensively upon it, however it is neither nostalgia nor copy, more a permeation of the tradition in order to create something of one's own. With him, original compositions sound just like classics that one knows, whilst he puts his own spin on standards such that one doubts whether in fact they actually come from him. The concerts of this trio are amongst the best that jazz can offer these days: the tradition at heart, the concept for tomorrow in the head and the fingers define the present. (52 min)