Guillaume Perret - Jazz á Vienne

Guillaume Perret; Guillaume Perret, saxophone, machines; The saxophonist from Annecy (born in 1980) racked up the pressure on the contemporary jazz scene (from 2009) with his group The Electric Epic. Three years later and John Zorn himself described it as 'a whirlwind of emotion' and released the extravert, panoramic and electric fusion on his Tzadik record label. It was an explosion of sound with funky beats and quirky harmonies blending metal, electro, Africa, psychedelia and the hot wind of free style. After two incredible albums with Electric Epic, Guillaume Perret is going it alone with his new album Free (2016). Perret's sense of solitude is comparable to Deleuze's opening to Mille Plateaux: 'Since there were many of all of us, there were already too many people.' You can spot the almost symphonic ramped-up saxophone and the deafening rhythmic loops that make Guillaume Perret multiple, all-encompassing and so spectacular. Recorded on 2017, July 13th at the Jazz Festival in Vienne; TV Director, Nicolas Micha (74 min)