Lola leaves the supermarket with all the ingredients for a super smoothie party. But disaster! She realizes she has forgotten the milk. She entrusts the shopping to Pat and heads off to the milk section. But the Guanos have their eyes on her provisions and move into attack. While our hero has to ward off the pigeons' forays by air and land, Lola has to tussle with Victor for the last bottle of milk. With great courage and the use of one of his latest inventions, Pat saves the day. / Lola decides to post a video of Pat and Hoodie. She prepares a script and decides to fix a camera on Pat’s head. But the shooting quickly goes down the drain. / Hoodie falls into the sewers with Lola’s precious scrapbook. Victor pretends he has the book, and has Lola work in his garden to recover it. But Pat witnessed everything.