Oggy has been hired as an apprentice cook in a chic, modern restaurant. Olivia is the only customer but the roaches start making a total mess of things in the kitchen. Oggy is going to come up with a very simple solution to save the day! / Jack enters the contest for handsomest-cat-in-the-neighborhood. He drags Oggy along and the latter signs up to in order to humor his cousin. Jack is eliminated in the first round whereas Oggy finds himself in the final showdown… / An Easter Bell, tired from its long flight, lands in Oggy’s yard and lays an Easter egg right before taking off again. Oggy finds the egg. He is so happy. But despite all his tricks to try and hide it, the roaches get hold of it ! / While chasing the roaches, Oggy falls into a well and finds himself propelled into the belly of the earth along with Joey. It is full of tunnels and passageways that all look the same and pretty soon, our two friends are totally lost… / Oggy finds a pretty yellow butterfly in his yard and it starts acting like a pet. Oggy quickly teaches him how to do tricks like a circus animal. Olivia falls under the butterfly’s charm. Bob is jealous… / One of the roaches’ practical jokes backfires and Oggy’s hot water heater explodes. He’s got to change it fast. Taking advantage of the situation, Oggy decides to go green and he sets up a solar panel on his roof…