Oggy is walking home with his shopping cart full of food. But finding his house becomes an impossible task since all the streets look alike! So he decides to leave a trail of groceries behind him, like little Tom Thumb to guide him self home. / Oggy and Olivia are taking a relaxing ride down a canal on a barge. As usual, the roaches show up, but Oggy quickly tosses them into the water. When the barge reaches the locks on the canal that Bob is operating, Oggy has problems getting through… / Oggy’s lawnmower is broken. Luckily a sheep just happens to pass by and Oggy hires him to graze on the lawn. The sheep has one particularity: he has 5 legs. Thinking they’ll become rich by exhibiting him in circuses, the roaches decide to kidnap him. / Oggy buys a cardboard smile in a joke shop. When he puts the cardboard smile on his face, he is immediately transformed into a muscular, super confident athlete! And everyone is hypnotized by the vibes he gives off. They cater to his slightest whim… / Oggy, Jack and Olivia go to an aquatic park for the day. The roaches wreak havoc by fiddling around with the wave-making machine and cranking it to max. They also take the giant slide apart, let the air out of the big inflatable ring the cats are on… / Oggy decides to buy some caviar to impress Olivia. Unfortunately, he only has enough money to buy one little fish egg! Meanwhile, Marky is feeling rejected by his buddies and would like to impress them somehow. He decides to steal Oggy’s caviar egg…